Right Royal Line-Up Change!

(Edit – new Facebook event, as the old one wasn’t loading properly – https://www.facebook.com/events/660898551340179/)

Change of line-up! Due to various kinds of faff, we have an update to our running order for Thursday 5th March: https://www.facebook.com/events/611273506373785/

Get your laughing gear round a feast of free comedy at the Fountain on Queens, hosted by Mistress of Ceremonies, Juliet Brando, and Master of Ceremonies, Tom Bartlett – Artist.

We present:

James Danielewski – “his stepdad doesn’t understand him being gay, but his wife’s got no problem with it.”

Ben Westwood Comedy – was born on April Fool’s Day and has been ridiculous ever since. He recently decided that the only way to deal with a world that’s gone raving mad was either to run through the streets dressed as a gorilla in a tutu or to move into standup comedy this year. He has performed at venues across the South-East.

Patrick Hore – “With a plan for world peace, hearing aid batteries and a 50p collection Patrick has everything for a wild night.”

Pam Tilling – “originally from Scotland and has been performing stand up for the last three years. Her style is observational story telling. She reflects honestly on her experiences of bringing up her sons, while her authentic style resonates with old and young alike. It is family orientated rather than family friendly.
Funny Women – ‘One to Watch’.”