Sajeela Kershi: PunchUp 05/10/17

Sajeela Kershi is a comedian who has performed many times on television and radio, both in the UK and Internationally, winning multiple awards.

Fights Like a Girl is her 2017 show, which received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe.

She will be performing at PunchUp Comedy, 8pm on Thursday, 5th October at the Deep Blue cellar bar beneath Whistle Trago, with music from DJ Rave Deading. Seating is limited, so please get there early. Tickets are £5 cash on the door.

“Fights Like a Girl! is a reflection of everything Sajeela Kershi has fought for and against.

The show was born at the Women’s March in London, chanting against Trump, travel bans and global injustices, with Sajeela fighting to keep her prime position on the frontline – even if that means elbowing Harriet Harman out of the way, and not allowing a man to push in at the front, who, it turns out is Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Sajeela looks at her own upbringing, telling true stories of fitting in, fighting bullies, fighting for a life on her terms. She looks at universal misogyny in culture, including a true story of how she and a group of women in her family were kept hostage but managed to fight of their extremist captors – a tale of unexpected hilarity!

‘What and who will we fight for…and why?’ Join Sajeela as she puts up her dukes and picks her battles. Find out if you are a fight or flight by nature, why you are to Blame for Brexit and Trump and if you are ultimately failing to fight for a productive society…whilst in hysterics.”